chimney repairs ? look no further
Chapelgate construction undertakes chimney repointing and repairs across the Wirral Cheshire and Liverpool areas repairing and replacing loose lead flashings, repointing chimneys and re capping chimney tops. We can restore chimneys to their original state replacing any frost damaged or weathered bricks and repointing the brickwork or pointing stone,we uare firm believers in the use of lime mortars on older buildings as this returns the chimney being repaired back to its original state, we can assist with any chimney restoration project from chimney restoration to chimney repairs and repointing and offer these services across the Wirral Cheshire and Liverpool areas,we have the solutions and experience to breathe new life into chimneys and preserve their future for decades to come we also lower chimneys or completely remove them if this is the best solution for the client. You may ask yourself does my chimney need repointing or repairing as it can be difficult to view from the ground, a tell-tale sign of a chimney that needs repointing is vegetation and plants growing from the chimney.A clear sign of an unsafe chimney is a bulge in the chimney and an indication that the mortar is in poor condition and needs urgent attention,another obvious sign is gaps in the brickwork and loose cement joints that have fallen on to the roof but if you are unsure and are in the Wirral Cheshire and Liverpool areas contact us and one of our team can arrange a free survey and highlight any current or future problems likely to occur and provide a free no obligation estimate if required.