re-pointing and masonry restorations we have it covered

Chapelgate construction provide services for brickwork re-pointing ,stonework re-pointing and masonry restoration service across the Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire areas,we can replace perished brick or stone units using the most up to date technology in brick and stone unit removal insuring no unnecessary damage to the surrounding masonry while creating no air born dust,we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of pointing and the different styles of repointing and always repoint failed mortars using materials of a similar strength that blend with the surrounding pointing and  project, it is common for buildings that were built around a 100 years ago to need the bricks or stone re-pointing as when the lime mortar or cement mortar starts falling out with the continuing weather erosion it can lead to penetrating damp in the mortar between the bricks or stones which can freeze in the winter months causing the faces of the bricks to sheer off and the pointing mortar to erode resulting in the need for repointing and repairs. Chapelgate construction re-points brick and stone properties in Wirral,Liverpool and Chester using traditional lime mortars that matches the original mortar and styles of pointing as this is what returns buildings back to their original state as the designer intended them to look. One of the important benefits of lime mortar re-pointing is that it works with the building allowing it to breath and expel the moisture that older buildings naturally absorb and release in a constant cycle, unfortunately due to the massive lack of knowledge of the everyday building contractors in Wirral this cycle is blocked by the use of hard cement pointing the builders often use to replace the softer lime mortars,this has the effect of locking moisture in to the fabric of building leading to the moisture being expelled via the face of the brick causing the bricks to turn brittle. The importance of replacing pointing should not be underestimated as the mortar that bonds the bricks together is equivalent to say the tyres on a car and if you maintain and replace them they protect the car,so by removing weathered pointing and re-pointing the joints of the bricks or stones with new lime or cement mortars you prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs being needed to the stone or brickwork. 
 Wall with badly weathered sandstone
and failed lime mortar
Listed building repairs Wirral

Wall part way thorough major structural works of stone and brick replacement
Wall complete after major structural works of stone and brick
 Sand Stone Replacement
Lime mortar repointing